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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018 11:35AM BST
If you're not seeing results in your copy of Instant Article Wizard, there are a number of possible reasons.

The first thing to do is a simple test to determine whether you can get any results. Normally, to ensure a clean start, you will have to stop running Instant Article Wizard for a day.

Then start Instant Article Wizard fresh and do a single search on a single keyword, using Google as the search engine. Do NOT use multiple search engines, or keywords.

The best keyword to search for (since we know there are lots of results) is WEIGHT LOSS.

If you get some results, it means Instant Article Wizard is working.

Then run another search as soon as this first test has finished. You should still get some results.

IIf your machine is hitting Google with automated searches too fast, it looks artificial to them. 

For that reason, the slower you run your page fetching speed the better. It takes longer to finish all the searching, but it's less likely to hit problems. Change the search speed to 30 or lower.

CLICK HERE to see how to make those changes --->

While Instant Article Wizard is searching you can do something else on your computer.

Also reduce the number of pages fetched at one time and run searches for a single keyword and search engine at a time. This is a significant step for the same reason as mentioned above. A slower search looks less like automated searching.

In some cases you may find that Google wants you to complete Captchas, but you can't see that directly within Instant Article Wizard.  To test for that, when you do a search in Instant Article Wizard and get no results, do the following:

Open a web browser and run any Google search. If Google shows you a captcha to solve then you know they are blocking the searches, which they feel are too fast.

We have given Instant Article Wizard an option to use the anticaptcha service from to help get around that problem.

You can sign up to and buy credits very cheaply.

This will allow Instant Article Wizard to resolve the captchas that Google is showing and allow the program to continue the research process at the higher speed.

After you obtain your DeathByCaptcha account you just input your DeathByCaptcha login details in custom settings inside IAW.  

The custom settings icon is the two gears/cogs at the top just below the application title bar.

Finally, once you've seen that message from Google it's normally a few hours before they "reset the clock" so to speak. 

For that reason we would recommend that you do not run Instant Article Wizard for at least a couple of hours. In some extreme circumstances it can even take up to 24 hours, although that's rare.

Please try the steps outlined in this message and if you still get any problems open a support ticket giving us full details of exactly what steps you're taking and the results (including any error messages) that you see..
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